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Terms and conditions of contracting Simon Blackwood Fine Arts

Clients contract Simon Blackwood Fine Arts on the following understanding:


Items of great monetary value and of concern to the client (the person(s) who contract Simon Blackwood Fine Arts) must be insured 'in transit' by the client for the monetary value they believe it to have at the time of contract.

Simon Blackwood Fine Arts insurers, like most restoration insurers will only insure up to a certain amount for building contents, as fluctuations in value of items in the studio will vary hugely for very short periods. This is normal and similar for most restoration/conservation establishments. Please make your own arrangements if you are concerned by this condition.


It must be understood that restoration techniques change with time as advances in 'observed' (scientific) knowledge makes new discoveries. We endeavour to keep up with these techniques and to monitor new techniques in order to fully understand their nuances.

We cannot be held responsible for any techniques that render restoration under normal procedures impossible or which might alter the appearance of the work of art by changing or improving the substrate on which it is mounted and thus effecting the appearance of the painted or printed image. This particularly applies to works on paper where the colour of the paper may have influenced the appearance of the pigment and once devoid of staining changes the colour values of these works.

Removal of surface dirt and discoloured varnish layers may render the artwork 'changed' and this must be understood prior to contracting for the 'cleaning' of oil, tempera or acrylic paintings on whatever support.

We cannot be held responsible for the effects of well-tried and tested restoration techniques resulting in changes to the perceived value of a work of art at any time. This applies particularly to the re-lining of oil paintings and re-touching of missing or damaged pigments, filling damage to canvas, paper, wood or metal substrates.

Simon Blackwood Fine Arts are not responsible for the fluctuations in technique of any artists work which may be unknown although every effort will be made to test these techniques before restoration treatment begins. In estimating costs this must be understood by the client as artists experiment with techniques and therefore this variation may create added problems for the restorer.

We cannot be held responsible for unusual effects resulting from known and established treatment of works of art on canvas, paper or other substrates that may occur as a result of unknown chemicals or constituent media that have not been pointed out by the client when contacting us.

We cannot be held responsible for the market value of works of art as these fluctuate with market trends and have no bearing on the restoration of paintings, drawings or prints of any kind whilst they are being restored or treated.

Clients of Simon Blackwood Fine Arts cannot hold us responsible for their own requirements for restoration.

When the techniques used are unknown and any nuances may be the result of the input of artists or technicians that produced the work resulting in poor technique, fake art, unknown fugitive media or added 'in-painting' by another hand than the artist – unless there is reason to believe that undue care and attention has been taken by Simon Blackwood Fine Arts, this is the responsibility of the client. Simon Blackwood Fine Arts will do all we can to detect these peculiarities but cannot be held responsible for them without prior knowledge.


Items are sent by post at the owners risk and if they are not insured cannot be the responsibility of Simon Blackwood Fine Arts whilst they are in transit.

Postal methods recommended by us are at the most economical rate at the time of recommendation and fluctuations are not the responsibility of Simon Blackwood Fine Arts.


If a client is in any doubt about any of the above conditions they should discuss this with a representative of Simon Blackwood Fine Arts prior to engagement.

We endeavour always to be reasonable and to do our best to provide a human service at all times.

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